Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Recap: Mother's Day Weekend

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Ours was fantastic and as always...busy!

Friday night we had a little parent's night out/ double date with Angelo's sister. She got me Kevin Hart tickets for my birthday, so we were celebrating my February birthday in May. :) (That's OK) It was a hilarious show and Angelo even bite my shoulder one time trying to not make so much noise laughing. When we left my cheeks and jaw hurt from laughing and smiling for basically two hours straight. They had a very strict "no phones" policy once the show started so we snapped this quick selfie before the show. 

Saturday we went to a little boy's 1st birthday party and had a blast! It was Mickey Mouse themed and had everything a birthday party should have! Food, Drinks, popcorn machine, cake, face painting, and a clown! They went all out and put all my birthday parties to shame. It was possibly the longest and elaborate 1st birthday party I've ever been to. We left after four hours and the party was still jamming, and people were still arriving! They know how to party! 

Sophia was in heaven getting her face painted like a butterfly and would of been completely satisfied with just that.

Nelpe enjoyed dancing around, but wasn't too sure about that clown. She would go up to him, stare, and wait. Once he looked at her she would run away. 

Then Mother's Day started with a trip to church with the family. 

Followed by grilling steaks and hanging out in the pool. Daddy's the best for pool time fun, while I sat back, took pictures, and sipped on a Blueberry Cucumber Collins, in true Mother's Day fashion.

That Blueberry Cucumber Collins I speak of. 
To make: Muddle some cucumber and blueberries in bottom on glass. Add ice, 1 tbsp of lime juice, 2 tbsp simple syrup, gin, club soda, and mint leaves. Garnish with blueberries & cucumber and you've got yourself a Blueberry Cucumber Collins!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and spoiled a mom in your life!



  1. Yum! That drink sounds perfect for summer!

    1. Yes! It is refreshing for the heat! :)