Friday, August 7, 2015

Fails & Friday Faves

Hey you guys! Happy Friday! 
We've made it another week, phew! 

At the beginning of the week I was so exhausted come dinner time. Monday and Tuesday with the girls was rough. But by Wednesday we found our groove and now it's just a normal day when I have the two girls with me. We're so adaptable!

Sophia has camp next week but then the two weeks before school starts, she's back here with Nelps and I. 

I tried working at the office with them on Tuesday and that was a complete disaster. So now, everything is back at the house with me, like the good ol' days when I worked from home. 

Our routine has been to get out of the house in the mornings, then back home by late afternoon when they're tired and ready for a nap. Sophia has napped once all week, but she knows what "quiet time" means and doesn't (usually) bother Nelpe for a good hour while she rests.

At school during nap time they put on music. I know it works there, and I know a lot of my friends who use music to put their kids to sleep. We've never done it before, so when Sophia asked for "bedtime" music I was up to give it a try. Let's just say things that work at school, don't necessarily work at home. Nelpe kept waking up and looking for where the music was coming from. Then Sophia would grab the phone so Nelpe wouldn't touch it, then they'd start fighting over what music to listen to. It ended up with everyone being more awake and less sleepy. #Fail

Here's another #Fail for you.
I found this while looking for Princess cake ideas for Sophia's birthday.

Sophia has changed her mind 3 times this week about what kind of cake she wants. It was Tinkerbell, then Princess, now Barbie. So, to make sure there are no disappointments, I'm going to order a cake with every single character on it. #WIN

Friday Faves

Lunch dates with my girls
We don't normally eat out a lot for lunch, but these lunch dates with my girls while Sophia is home from school are the best. 
Taco Bus for the win!

Common Grounds Park in Lakeland, FL
Yesterday I promised Sophia a trip to the park. I've been wanting to check out Common Grounds in Lakeland for a while now and we finally made it! I was beyond impressed with the size and cleanliness of this public park!  If you have kids ages 2-12, this is a must do. 

Around the web:

I love this dress! It's categorized as a "homecoming" dress but I think it's perfect for these Summer nights! Found at Windsor for $39.90

Have 24 hours to spare? Maybe you can accomplish some of these Life Changing Things! 

That's all for today folks! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 
We have birthday parties and sun to bath in :)


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