Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reasons Why My Dad Is Awesome

Happy Hump Day!!
How is your week going? It's almost over, so if it's going not-so-good, there's a light at the end of the tunnel! Suck it up and keep truckin'...maybe with a big pot of coffee in your hand. 

Today is a special day over here. It's my dad's birthday!! 

I feel like dad's are the unsung heroes. This blog, along with a million others, is mainly dedicated to moms. I know this happens because there are more mommy bloggers than daddy bloggers, and we're just writing about stuff we stuff. Nothing wrong with that.  But, today I want to dedicate this post to my dad, on his birthday. I'm sure these reasons apply to uncountable number of dads out there. 

I hope this post inspires you to think about the nontraditional, sometimes strange things that make your dad awesome!

16 Reasons Why My Dad Is Awesome
  • He was the most enthusiastic CPR learner in the class we took together when I was pregnant.
  • He had an awesome mustache. Move over Tom Selleck!
  • He treats my husband like his own son.
  • He’s been the best grandpa (G-Pa) to my kids! Sophia woke up this morning asking to go to Publix. I asked why and she replied “because I have to get G-pa a gift before I see him!”
  • He raised 3 kids to be responsible and independent. One of the best gifts you could give your child.
  • He was somewhat responsible for Wendy’s serving baked potatoes in 1983. True Story.
  • He grills the best steak in the world! No restaurant compares and this is no tall-tale!
  • He made me, my brother, and sister breakfast every single morning growing up. That's love, and breakfast is the key to my heart. 
  • He introduced me to the beautiful creature that is a Great Dane.
  • He is a fixer of all things and professional bug-killer.
  • He taught me what a strong family bond is made of: love and support.
  • He showed me how to have a relationship with God.
  • He made us laugh without trying. He has some one liners that would make all us siblings look at each other, then burst into laughter.
  • He is proud of his children and he lets us know it, almost daily, but still gently pushes us to improve.
  • He loves my mom and provided us with a healthy model for family.
  • He is always there to lend a hand, because for some reason he has this “dad strength” that is required to open some pickle jars.
Dad, I hope your birthday is incredible, you get showered with good birthday wishes, and you feel like this at the end of the day. 


Now it's your turn! What is something funny or nontraditional that makes your dad awesome! I'd love to hear them!

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