Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy Blogaversary! Why I Blog & Giveaways!

Hey yall!

This week is so exciting for me in Blog-land! 

It's been a year since I "relaunched" the blog! Well, its officially a year on August 21st. 

I started the blog in 2011, then again in 2013 and again in 2014. Never have I been more motivated and passionate about it this past year. 

I've had people message, text, and email me about how I've inspired them to get back into fitness, start cooking more healthy meals, or just how much they've enjoyed reading my blog posts. 

This time when I started the blog it was different. I knew there was an audience out there because I saw the numbers. I didn't know who and why these few people were looking at my blog but there had to be a reason. As a mom and wife into healthy living, cooking, fitness, etc, I knew I had stuff to write about, that people might be interested in. 

Recently someone said "whats the name of your blog?" 

"Al2getherFIT" I replied.

"Oh ok, so you write about fitness?"

"No, not really..."

"What do you mean?..."

The name of  my blog, Al2getherFIT, means everything in balance. Whether it be fitness, health, marriage, or parenthood. I'm writing about everything in my life, and how I'm making all those things come together and "fit" in my life.  I guess it's in that "all of the above" category. Mom blogger, fitness blogger, food blogger, you name it; if it's in my life, I'm gonna tell you about it. And it all makes it in there with balance. 

Why I Blog:

Blogging gives me the opportunity to share my story and tell it in a way that I want to. Whether it's a story someone wants to read, or just for my keepsake. 

For new friends:

I am totally a "No New Friends" person. I'm kind of anti-social to a degree as I like smaller groups and more intimate settings. But, I've come to learn you can't be like that if you want to expand your blog in the community. This blog has taken me out of my comfort zone. I have met so many new friends through this blog it's unreal to me! I have never been to a blogging event that I didn't have a good time at, and most of the time I go solo wondering if I'll know anyone there. 

New adventures and experiences: I've found myself saying "OH! I should do that for the blog!" so many times. It's fun to take an experience and do it just to tell the story. It's not that I do things JUST for the blog, but I do them to broaden my horizons and they give me something to write for you! 

For myself:

Right after I had Sophia, Angelo started his own business, and asked me to help him manage it. I do all the day-to-day book keeping for our two businesses, making sure all the legal stuff (licenses, insurance, etc), and accounting stuff (deposits, paying bills, etc) is taken care of. While I love that we have two thriving businesses, it's not exactly something I can say fulfills me. 
Also, I absolutely love/cherish/thank God for everyday that I'm a mother, but I can't say that laying on the ground playing with blocks all day fulfills me either. Eventually the girls start school, and I'm left at home working on Quickbooks all day. 
That's where the blog came in. The blog motivates and inspires me to better myself and it's something I have that is "mine" (hugs blog with all my might!) There are times, multiple times a year, that I feel like I have absolutely nothing to say. Why would anyone want to read about how my day went or what I eat? Nobody cares...right? 
Then I get a Facebook message from an old friend thanking me for inspiring them to get back into fitness after having kids. 

For you:
This blog is really for you, my readers, and I can't thank you guys enough for being a part of my tiny sand-grain sized place in the interwebs. 

Blog-aversary Giveaways

To conclude this post, I am so happy to announce 3 separate giveaways going on this week for my "blogaversary". 

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Blog Giveaway: 
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  1. My baby girl motivates me!

  2. My daughters and my husband. They deserve the best version of me!

  3. Happy Blogaversary!!! I am so happy that you are enjoying it so much this time around.

  4. I love your blog! You are one of the reasons why I decided to start my own :) thanks for posting!!

  5. I live a healthy life so I can share it with others!

    - Judith