Wednesday, August 12, 2015

To my dearest four year old....

To my dearest Sophia, 

Four years ago you came into this world; all 7 pounds, 2 ounces of you. You became the 3rd puzzle piece of our family, forever being a part of something wonderful. 

These past four years have flown by, molding you into a little girl who loves playing dress up, riding on her scooter, reading books, and making cards for all your friends and family.

You've become the best big sister I could ever imagine you to be. You love your sister with all your heart, always so concerned for her, but always there to bug her to tears; just what big sisters are for.

You have the biggest heart of any person I know. You are always asking to pray for someone special, or to make a card for them. You always ask if someone wants the last bite before you take it. If you think something is really yummy, you ask to save a piece to give to Kennedy or Harper, your "cousins", then put it in a ziploc for safe keeping. You always make sure to give hugs and bedtime kisses, saying "I love you" in the sweetest little voice before you drift off to sleep. 

You've become such a performer; putting shows on for us every night. You have boxes upon boxes of dress up clothes, but you're always missing something. This year you asked for a wig to complete your costumes. Hopefully they are really complete this time around, but if you decide you need something else, you know who to ask ;)

You are now at the stage of wanting to do everything yourself. I'm not talking about when you were 6 months and wanted to feed yourself with a spoon. I'm talking much more than that. You want to pour your own cereal, cut up your own fruit, use scissors to cut hearts out of paper, dress yourself in the dresses with the most ruffles, swim across the pool, and write your own name on everything. You have become Miss Independent and it makes me beyond proud all while breaking my heart.
I'm so thankful you're still the biggest snuggle bug at night time, sometimes waking up out of a deep sleep to ask "Who wants to cuddle with me?" 

I'm so thankful you still ask me to hold you sometimes even if it is once every couple weeks. I still get to swoop you up like you are a 1 year old just learning to walk. It's these days that I realize one day I will pick you up for the last time, even if that moment is 5 years from now. You're the one who taught me how fast time goes by.
I love you with all my heart as you are my heart. 
Happy birthday to you, my dear little child.

XOXO, mom


  1. That was so incredibly sweet :) <3

    Happy birthday Sophia!!

  2. Awww. Happy Birthday little one!

  3. She's beautiful! I remember those sweet angelic days...and then they turn 13 and all bets are off! Enjoy these the blink of an eye you will have a 21 year old doing an internship in NYC :) Thanks for sharing via #TBB #LinkLove