Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Recap: ZooRun & CASK Social

Friends! How are you?!

First, let me congratulate all my giveaway winners! Winners were randomly chosen (out of a hat, picked by Sophia) and notified on Friday evening. 

I'm up early today, getting breakfast ready, and bags packed for a busy day! This is officially our last week of summer, so we're gong to make it 7 AMAZING days! A lot of stuff on the the point where I'm probably stressing myself a little too much. School may be starting but we always have next weekend and probably the next 15 weekends until the weather doesn't feel like summer anymore. Gotta love Florida.

Nelpe doesn't start school until November (when she's two), so she still has 3 more months of summer. Although it'll be a more boring kind of summer without her sister and following me to the office most days. Poor Nelps... :) 

Many of your kids have already started school or will be tomorrow (in Hillsborough County). Anyone celebrating with breakfast cocktails?! Mimosa anyone?

This weekend was a blast! 
Friday night we stayed in and ate pizza. Angelo said he needed carbs for the race on Saturday morning. It was a 5k, but he'll say anything if it means he gets to eat pizza. 

Saturday morning we woke up early for the Zoo Run 5k at Lowry Park Zoo. This race was one of the best 5ks I have ever run. The course was mostly shaded and half of the run was in and around the zoo. We stopped for a brief minute so the girl's could look at the monkeys and turtles during the race. They were such troopers the entire time. 

This was the first race (in the past couple years) that I ran without headphones. Usually I'm a music person 100% when I run. I used to think it was the only thing that kept me going but for some reason I didn't even want it that morning. It's kind of a freeing experience, if you're used to running with headphones in. It was very interesting, to say the least, so stay tuned for a post this week: "I ran a race without headphones and this is what I heard..." 
Saturday afternoon we had a coed baby shower to attend and celebrate a precious little boy making his arrival soon! 

Sunday was a no plans day. After church Angelo asked what I wanted to eat. I gave him 2 options, he added a third, and we chose Cask Social in South Tampa.

Opening in June, I've wanted to give CASK a try ever since. I've read and seen so many delicious things about it. 
CASK (an acronym for Craft A'fare Social Kitchen) has an old Southern/Industrial feel to it. The decor is rather simple, although definitely something to look at with exposed brick and wood planked walls. 
We arrived to CASK at 1pm, thinking we may have missed the brunching fun, but CASK serves Brunch on Sundays until 4pm. Perfect, because brunching is my favorite. 
Angelo is more a burger person, so he was all smiles when he saw burgers on the menu!
After looking at the menu, we ordered a round of beers (they have a great local craft beer selection) and were served a bucket of Brown Sugar & Cornflake Popcorn. 
Instead of a starter like bread, CASK serves different flavored popcorn throughout the week. I love popcorn, so it was a great start for me. 

For our meals:
The Big Bird. 
Sweet Potato waffles and buttermilk fried chicken served with a spicy bourbon syrup and spiced watermelon. The waffles had the perfect sweetness to them which would have been delicious on their own, but adding the chicken just took it to the next level. By far the best tasting Chicken & Waffles I've ever had. 
 The Morning Moo. 
Angus burger topped with bourbon bacon onion jam (can I get some of that in a jar to-go?!), fried egg, arugula, provolone, and spiced mayo served on a brioche bun.
I took one bite of this to taste because I looked over 2 minutes later and the plate was clean.  I can say Angelo was quite impressed.  

The girls ordered a hamburger and chicken off the kid's menu. The kid's hamburger was huge (in a good way) and the chicken was the same chicken served on my waffles. They are not skimpy with the kid's meals and they are served with the same supremacy as the others. 

Overall, CASK Social is a win! The atmosphere and food were wonderful. A breath of fresh air in the South Tampa restaurant scene. I look forward to returning to try some of their mason jar cocktails and supper options. 

We ended the weekend on this note:

I hope everyone enjoyed great company and heavenly food this weekend!



  1. Popcorn as a starter? Cask Social sure knows how to make their guests happy. Yum!

    1. Yes! It was good, I'm curious to see what they're other flavors are!

  2. Looks like a great weekend!!! I love Cask...I've only been once and ordered a salad since I'm on the Whole 30 right now, but I so want those chicken and waffles!

    1. Their salads looked great too! The waffles were perfect!

  3. Sounds like a perfect preschool weekend! Cask has been on my to visit list - thanks for sharing