Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Running without Headphones

Hi sweet friends! How did your week start off? I hope on the right foot! 

Speaking of feet...today's post is:

I ran a race without headphones and this is what I heard:

"How were they allowed on the course" 
This is from a person complaining about our stroller and I heard him say this while we were passing him. I wanted to turn around and say "eat our stroller dust!" but I didn't. I understand strollers may be a nuisance to people at the front of the pack, really trying to get a certain time, but that's why strollers start in the back of the crowd. Also, the two people I heard complain about our stroller were walking. We maybe inconvenienced them for a total of 0.7 seconds when they had to move a pinky toe to get out of our path. Another thing, this was a Zoo 5K, not a Boston Marathon. 

"That's great you have them here with you" 
So opposite from what we just heard someone else say 1/3 a mile back. Every time I see someone running with a stroller I want to give them a high five. It's not easy running with a stroller, and at times it may seem like the worst idea ever (like when your child is screaming to get out). But jogging strollers have been a saving grace to me. At a time in my life when I was a stay at home mom to a 6 month old and just needed to get out of the house sometimes. 

"When is this over?!"
I love when I hear someone say this because it usually gets a response from someone else. Either a laugh, a "I hope soon!", or the actual answer to how much longer there is to run. 

"Finish strong!" 
A lady at the three mile mark kept yelling "Finish strong!" over and over again at everyone passing by. She was encouraging everyone to give that last 0.1 mile their all. This doesn't sound like much but when you see someone stop to walk with only 0.1 mile left to go, you look to see if they have headphones in because you know they need to hear those "Finish Strong" words.

That brings me to....

5 Reasons You Should Run a 5K...Without Headphones

1. There is a community out there.
Although there will be some people not so motivating along the way (see above), the majority of runners will be cheering you on, cracking jokes, or saying something to give you that extra boost you needed.There are also people on the side lines yelling out encouragement or funny running sayings like "This is the worst parade ever!" :)

2. There is nature out there.
A race is set on a pretty thought out course, that may include beautiful scenery or architecture. Trust me when I tell you, you will not enjoy any scenery as much as you will without music blasting in your ears. It's kind of like when you turn down the radio when you're trying to follow directions in the car. There is sure to be entertainment for your eyes and ears along the way. 

3. It's safer.
Running without headphones allows you to hear other runners, dogs, or someone who might need your attention. If you're pushing a stroller you definitely need to be able to hear your child in the stroller. By removing the headphones, you remove the risk. 

4. Don't depend of the music. 
When you're used to running with music, you start depending on it. You depend on those fast upbeat songs to get you through a rough patch, and you may get annoyed when a slow jam comes on, slowing your pace. I've read that your music needs to be at least 90 beats per second to keep you at a good pace, but don't let music determine your race.

5. Less to carry or worry about.
Without worrying about having your playlist ready, or if you forgot your headphones or phone carrier, you have nothing left to worry about other than running. It's a little freeing. 

I know running without music isn't for everyone. Some people listen to podcasts or books on tape. I know music makes running ENJOYABLE for some. You will probably NEVER see me running on the treadmill without music, because running on treadmill almost requires music or TV. That's why I'm encouraging you to just take a little run outside without headphones, then do a 5k without headphones. See if you like it. If you don't, you can always turn the music back on!



  1. I usually stick to my ear buds so I can focus (I have a love/hate relationship w/ running) and a few months ago a friend and I went to job a bridge on incline at the Upper Tampa Bay Trail, and she said, "try not to use your headphones" and I hated it....mainly because I could hear myself breathing (struggling?? LOL)....but I can imagine it is also super peaceful, as well. I love seeing strollers on race day...because most of them are going faster than me and it inspires me.

    1. I go back and forth. I have only been using my headphones on my treadmill runs, and leave them at home if I'm running outdoors. It's a whole different experience for me.

  2. I never ever ever run with headphones. EVER! It's always just me and whatever is happening. I get too distracted by the headphones if I have them in....

  3. I love running outside without headphones! It helps me relax and de-stress after a tough day. And I mostly don't wear headphones for safety reasons - especially here in Alaska where there are lots of fast mountain bikers, moose, and even bears! I want to hear something before it gets the chance to run me over!