Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back to the Basics

Swimsuit shopping...hate it or love it?

I haven’t bought a new swimsuit in over a year. Last season I was pregnant so I wore an old bathing suit that once was too big, but fit me pregnant. This season I have been on the search for the past week and can’t seem to find anything I LOVE. I have tons of old bathing suits but seems like everyone else has them…you know that awkward situation when 3 other girls at the beach are wearing the same bathing suit? I don’t like that situation and try to avoid it. That’s hard to do when you buy bathing suits from Victoria’s Secret & Target. I have a couple bathing suits that I bought years ago from boutiques that I’ve never seen anyone else wear. There’s only so many times you can wear those tho…right?!

After searching the mall the other day I think I’ve come to the conclusion of going back to the basics this year with a black string bikini. Can’t go wrong right? There's just something so right with the black string bikini.

Now that I'm a mom, I kinda like these bathing suits too..Secretly I've always wanted one...Whatcha think? ;) I honestly think they are so cute!

I hope everyone has a wonderful WORK IT OUT Wednesday! We're on our way out the door to go to our Power Plate session, then Gymboree, then fingerprints! LOL! I feel like a criminal but I have to do them for a license for the business. 


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