Thursday, April 19, 2012

The D's of my Day

Downtown Markets
Every Friday there is a downtown street market with different vendors & lots of food trucks selling all sorts of cuisines. For about 2 months, a few friends & I would go get lunch and stroll around every Friday after our PowerPlate workout. We’d try to get a different cuisine each time, but I’d sometime repeat and go to a food truck called 3 Suns Organics. They have the best pulled pork & mango sandwich with Strawberry tea or you can get the contents of the sandwich poured over nachos! YUM!  One of my old friends actually sells her jewelry at the market now.
Do you frequent a local street market in your town? Do you have a favorite vendor?

I’m starting to feel a little guilty about not taking my dogs on runs anymore. They get so excited and then let down when they realize they aren’t going. I still take them for walks which they get extremely excited about but it’s not the same. I always think about taking them but then decide against it, they’re just too much and with them, my runs were more stressful than a stress relief.

Last night’s dinner was a little lighter than normal. I had went out to lunch at Tropical Smoothie a earlier in the day, and my stomach started growling around 4pm, so I started snacking. By dinner time, I wasn’t too hungry so I made a nice salad in a mixing bowl.

Spring mix, chopped celery, chopped carrot, tabouli, & quinoa. The tabouli acted as the salad dressing since it has olive oil & lemon juice in it. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday! Today is a very special day! ;) 


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