Friday, April 13, 2012

No more candy!

TGIF! And that’s the truth! This week has been crazy busy and I’m so glad it’s coming to an end! Time for some relaxation! (Let’s hope.)

You see, I do online e-learning course work for a company as a part-time job. The software that we use did an update and all our courses went haywire, so this week we’ve been frantically trying to get them back to normal.  Along with that, we’re still getting things all lined up to open Angelo’s new business.So that’s basically what I've been doing the past couple of days…stuck in the office on the computer doing work. Fun right?

Look who turned 8 months old yesterday!
She is a crawling machine and goes everywhere around the house, terrorizing the dogs. ;)

On the workout front, I’ve decided to stop running with the dogs. They’re a little crazy when we bring them both at the same time and it becomes a very stressful situation. I’ll start taking them on walks AFTER we’re done running…
because this is what happens when they see another dog and charge like wild animals. I have to wrap my arm around a tree so I don't face plant. Sorry pups, last night was your last 4 miler with momma. I'm telling myself that it's getting too hot for them anyways, they're over it after about 3 miles. 

I figured out why my appetite has been kooky the past couple days. It’s that evil thing called sugar! Lol I’ve been munching on Easter candy here & there, grabbing jelly beans and gummy worms almost every time I walk past the Easter basket. So yesterday I declared NO MORE CANDY…this week. I can’t bring myself to just throw it away, so there it sits...starring at me. Plus, how bad can YummyEarth Organic Gummy Worms be?! Just have to tell myself a little at a time. 

Hope everyone had a productive work week! Today we're going to workout on the PowerPlate, have lunch with our 2 best girlfriends, then run some random errands. Tomorrow is our monthly workout with TAMPA FIT CLUB and a local newspaper is coming to write a story on us! I'll make a post about it this weekend. 


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