Monday, April 16, 2012

A is for...

Starting today I'm going to go through the alphabet and choose different words that have plenty to do with my life. Let's start...

A is for:

The month is already half way over. How is your month going so far? Are you on the right track of finishing your goals for the month? My goal for the month is to Spring clean my closet. I've started it and will probably finish this week. 

Think an apple a day keeps the doctor away? I do! An apple was part of my morning routine when I worked at the doctor’s office. I’d clock in, go to the kitchen, cut up my apple, sprinkle cinnamon on it, and sit at my desk and eat it while catching up on that morning emails. I’ve been slacking the past month or so and went on some sort of banana kick. I’m determined to bring apples back in my life! Here's how I usually eat them:
Bag o' apples

Simply by itself

Sprinkled with cinnamon

On top of Greek yogurt & granola

“… is a little thing that makes a BIG difference” – Winston Churchill
Even though I don't always succeed, I always try to have a positive attitude. 


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