Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where is she now?!

Hey it’s Hump Day! My body is aching this morning and I don’t know why. Maybe from the 5 miles of walking/running we did yesterday plus painting. We got the front room & hallway finished last night, 3 more rooms & 3 little hallways to go. Then the house (except bedrooms & bathrooms) will be all one beige color…just like Angelo wants. As long as we have stuff to put on the walls to cover up the blandness, I’m cool.
Last night I made a quick Italian chicken (Mrs. Dash Italian seasoning, sundried tomatoes, & artichokes) topped over quinoa before we got to paintin’. Angelo did most the painting since I had to supervise Sophia the whole time. She gets into everything! No more staying in one stop on the floor playing with her toys. That leads me into today’s word….

Sophia has become a crawling machine the past 2 weeks! She wants to always be on the ground crawling around. You really don’t realize what needs to be “baby proofed” in your home until your baby becomes mobile. We found some electrical sockets that didn’t have protectors in them, we can’t leave the dog’s water bowl on the floor anymore, we have to keep all doors to bathrooms & bedrooms shut, and we had to tie the wires & cords up behind the TV.  I thought all that stuff was done before she started crawling and I didn’t think she’d be able to get to the cords & wires from the TV stuff, but somehow she did. If she can see it, she will try her hardest to get to it. Out of sight out of mind is the way to go. She also loves to follow the dogs around and look out windows with them.

As I type this, Sophia is crawling all over Bella. Bella is def getting used to it and more tolerant because she isn’t running away anymore.

This morning I had the usual Steel Cut Oats with ½ banana and walnuts with my cup of coffee. Sophia had some rice cereal with mashed up banana.  We are out the door in a few to run by the post office, PowerPlate workout, and then Gymboree. I’ve been waiting on stuff to come in the mail so we can finally get Angelo’s business up & running! Hopefully today is the day! 


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