Monday, April 16, 2012


How is the weekend going for ya? Our has been pretty relaxing.

Saturday we went to the monthly Tampa Fit Club workout.
Tampa Fit Club is a nonprofit organization my friend started about a year ago. He puts on free monthly workouts in a park off Bayshore Blvd.  He drags his ropes, medicine balls, tire, sledgehammer, etc. out there once a month to promote health & fitness in our community. There are usually hundreds of runners/bikers/skaters out on Bayshore every Saturday who are welcome to join in on the fun. There has been anywhere between 10-30 people who join in on the workout. It’s customizable, so you can do as many reps of the exercises as you see personally fit. From the Twitter page: Tampa Fit Club is non-profit organization dedicated to promoting physical health and providing a platform for people to make positive changes in their lives! It’s a pretty cool concept and I really hope more & more people start coming out. It’s FREE & FUN!

Yesterday’s workout had about 15 people present. The sky was overcast and the wind was kind of crazy, but we got some work in! We did 2 different circuits of 4 workouts, with a short run & rest following each circuit. For each workout you have the option to do 9, 15, or 21 reps. I did 21 reps for most ;) I’m glad it wasn’t too hot since Sophia likes to hang out in her stroller on the sidelines. She was taking in the views of Bayshore while enjoying some cheerios.

After the workout we hit up a lunch spot called Daily Eats with some of the other participants. I had the BBQ salad shredder bowl filled with brown rice, lettuce, mango, & bbq chicken. It was delish and from looking at everyone else’s empty plates I’m thinking their food was equally delicious.  After lunch we came back home and bummed it out. Angelo & Sophia took a nap while I made pizza dough for dinner & wasted time on Pinterest. -->Addict. Dinner was a turkey pepperoni & onion pizza with a spinach salad, and a nice cold Yuengling beer. Can’t go wrong. 

Today has been filled with house chores. As I post, Angelo is painting. He decided he wants the entire house (except bed & bathrooms) to be one beige color. He hated the colors of the accent walls we painted when we first moved it.  I have been baking vegetables to make Sophia’s food for the week, and doing laundry (why does it never stop?).
Sweet Potato & carrots

Hope everyone had just as a relaxing, fit-filled weekend as we did!

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