Saturday, April 21, 2012

First & Last time for everything

Hey! Happy Saturday to ya!

Last time I posted it was Thursday, our 4 year wedding anniversary. We decided to go to Bonefish for dinner Thursday night as a pre-celebration. We made reservations for tonight to go to a locally famous restaurant in Tampa called the Colombia for the REAL celebration ;). So Bonefish made dinner for the evening. I NEVER order fish from restaurants. It's just not my thing. The only seafood I order from restaurants is shrimp or scallops or crab/tuna if we're ordering sushi. But like a filet of thank you. Thursday I was being a little adventurous and ordered salmon as my meal. 8 hours later and i'm yaking it all up...I'm thinking food poisoning. That was my first & last time ordering fish from a restaurant. 

This is how my yesterday went: Woke up, threw up, ate a piece of plain toast, went to go workout, got nauseous in the middle of the workout, decided to just do some stretching, went home, ate some pretzels, threw everything up, went to sleep with Sophia until about 4pm. Woke up, feeling better, but dehydrated, so started getting ready for Relay for Life at a local high school. My best friend's boyfriend's sister (got that?) died about 4 years ago from cancer, so they set up a "Princess Makeover" Tent in her honor every year. Sophia got crowned :)

The only thing I ate yesterday (that stayed in  my belly) was a couple handfuls of popcorn and half a chicken sandwich, so I woke up starving this morning! I missed my Steel Cut Oats (it's only been a day!) so I made some and crumbled a piece of carrot cake on top ;) 

My mom made me a tiny carrot cake with flax seed for our anniversary. Angelo had to head to work this morning to get some stuff done and once he gets back we're going to go do our Saturday Six! I'll prob have to slow my pace down but we will see how my stomach feels.


Love, Alex

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