Friday, February 10, 2012


Job Title: Chief Home Officer.
I work for a company called Sophia. She is my job.

I quit my full-time job working at a doctor’s weight loss clinic a month before giving birth to Sophia. We were moving into a new home and I didn’t want to be over-stressed and somehow put myself into labor. If your home buying experience was like ours, you know how stressful it can be. I quit at the end of June thinking we were moving at the beginning of July. We didn’t end up closing until August 1st…11 days before Sophia was born. Talk about rushing around trying to clean, furnish, decorate, and organize an entire house, right?!

I used to work Monday – Friday waking up at 6am, working 7am-4pm.
Nowadays I work Monday – Sunday waking up at 6am and working until bedtime, sometimes even waking up for the “night shift”.
I also work at home for another company part-time developing e-learning courses, which is amazing. I can work from the comfort of my couch while Sophia sleeps and earn a little bit of extra spending money. Not to shabby. 

But, Instead of dealing with patients and paperwork, I deal with playtime, naptime, and all the in between.  It’s definitely not for everyone, I know most moms have to go back to work at some point and eventually I think I will too. But I hope it’s not until ALL my kids are in school. Yes, that means we want more! 

After all is said and done, I wouldn't change my job now for anything in the world.


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