Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nothing is "quick" anymore

Today’s workout was a doosy. Wednesdays are named “Tabata Wednesday” over here. After our tabata workout we decided it would be “fun” to do a Plank Challenge by seeing who could hold a plank the longest on the Power Plate. The Longest was 3 minutes. My whole body was on fire and I crumbled to the floor.

I finally got all the unpacking and laundry done from our trip to Miami. I have to say, our first overnight trip with Sophia was quite pleasant and we didn’t get any crying baby complaints in the hotel.
On our way! Sophia slept most of the way, only had to stop once to get her out of her car seat for 15-20 minutes. 

Strolling around South Beach

Traveling with a baby is obviously a whole new thing to us. The actual “traveling” was a piece of cake. It’s the packing and lugging everything around that takes a toll on your emotions. Our biggest car is a 4-door sedan. You’d think that would be big enough for a family of 3, but the poor car was bursting at its seams.
While packing, I have to think of EVERYTHING we would possibly need during the 4 days/3 nights. How are we going to bath her without her little tub? How many clothes do we think she’ll go through each day? How many diapers do we need? There are just some things you don’t know and can’t predict. Over packing for a baby is the best way to go.  We packed enough diapers, wipes, clothes, etc that would of probably lasted a week. I also packed some infant Tylenol, saline nose drops, and bulb syringe since Sophia’s been a little stuffy the past couple of days. Toys are also a necessity since they kept Sophia occupied during the car ride, laying out by the pool, or eating lunch/dinner. 
Since we over packed for Sophia, we had to pack just enough clothes/shoes/toiletries for us to fit into 1 medium sized suitcase. Ah, the joys of parenting and how life had completely changed.
Hotel Livin'

During one of our Starbuck runs for breakfast, Angelo made the comment, “whoa, it’s not just an easy trip to get a quick cup of coffee anymore when you have to pack and unpack a stroller and baby”.

Hope you have had a great first half of the week! Only a few more days until the weekend! 
Happy Leap day! Extra day to do something cool this year! I did a Plank Challenge, what did you do? ;)


Note: it took me about 3 hours to write this post because “My Strange Addiction” was on TLC. Has anyone watched this crazy show?! These people are addicted to sniffing gasoline, pulling hair out of shower drains, carrying around teddy bears & treating them like real infants, & EATING drywall. It’s a train wreck that I can’t take my eyes off of. 

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