Thursday, March 1, 2012

Safety blanket

Good Morning. It's really hot over here in Tampa this morning.This morning Angelo went to work and found 3 puppies at the gate. They followed him in the office and I'm now trying to convince my parents to adopt 1 or 2 or all 3 :). Yea right... But they are extremely cute! What puppy isn't?!  

Today Sophia & I have a lunch date with the guy we both love and probably a walk around the mall. I also have to stop by BuyBuyBaby to get some breast pads, I'm fresh out. There's a joke between my friends that I always leave a breast pad at the restaurants we go to as my "trademark" around town. When you have a baby and a big diaper bag full of stuff to lug around, finding where your breast pad went to is not top priority. 

I have become a pro at breastfeeding in public. At first I HAD to be wearing a nursing bra and find the perfect corner away from everyone to be comfortable. Now I can wear a normal bra and be just about anywhere. When my baby is hungry, I will feed her no matter where we are or who we are with. What I do have to have is my Bebe au Lait, it makes me feel safe & comfortable :) 

I’ve used my black Bebe au Lait coverup every time I've left the house since Sophia was born. It's an amazing quality cover up and I loved it. Fast forward 6 months and it's suddenly missing! I think I left it on a high chair at Tiajuna Flats. RIP.

The next day I went to BuyBuybaby and Baby'sRUs to replace it and walked into a nightmare. I'm sorry but when I'm trying to "cover up" my baby feeding, I don't want a bright pink flowered piece of cloth screaming for everyone to look at me. My goal is to blend in with the crowd and get as little of attention as possible, not become a neon sign.

In desperate need, I bought a light purple cover-up which ended up being extremely thin (almost see through when light shined through it) and felt kind of like plastic. More like a poncho. I shouldn’t be complaining about it because it does get the job done but wasn’t as comfortable as the Bebe au Lait, call me spoiled.
I bought another solid black Bebe au Lait on Amazon the other day and it finally arrived! YAY! Never leave me again treasured black cloth!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday! Tomorrow is the most desired Friday..all the other days must envy it. ;)


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