Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GNC (not the store)

Hey it’s Tuesday already ;)
Last night we had our usual Monday night girl’s dinner. We went to a place in South Tampa called The Lime. Amazing tacos & margaritas! We got there in time for happy hour, so of course we had to have some margaritas! To eat, I ordered the 3 taco special with 2 Gigantas & 1 Carne Enchilada.

Taco descriptions:
Carne Enchilada- habanero shredded beef, red onions, cilantro, jalapeños & pineapple relish
Gigante - avocado glazed buffalo chicken, crispy onions, julienne jalapeños & celery with bleu cheese crumbles & lime Caesar dressing

I was already kinda already stuffed from the chips & guacamole app so my friend who “just came to have a drink” gladly took it off my plate.    

A little back story to Girl’s Night, originally Girl’s Night Club (GNC)
GN started when I had just got married 4 years ago and moved into our new house. It was originally 7 of us (all friends from high school) who came to my house every Monday night while Angelo went to play soccer. We would cook dinner together and work out by either doing a DVD or go for a walk. The working out part only lasted a few weeks and ended when one of the girls bought the entire series of Sex & the City to watch. That too only lasted a few weeks, then it changed to cooking dinner & watching a movie or just sitting around the table and chatting. One friend “dropped out” and sadly got replaced by another friend from high school (boyfriend troubles, didn’t want to hear the truth, got mad at us for telling her the truth…blah blah blah).  
For GN today we go out to a different restaurant every week and spends a couple hours just talking & laughing. Not all the girls make it every week, and we have had to cancel some weeks but we always pick up where we left off. I love having that one night a week where I catch up with all my close friends.  We are all at totally different stages in our lives but still have so much in common. Three of us are married, I’m the only one with a child, one has a longtime boyfriend, and the rest are single. I live vicariously through all the single ones. Haha I love to hear their stories and they pick on me when I try to give them advice because I haven’t been on a date with a new man in about 10 years! Lol

This morning I woke up and had breakfast. I through some chocolate chips in my steel cut oats because it’s just that kind of morning.
I spot someone's piggy toes! :)

Today’s agenda:
-         - 4 mile run
-         - Bank
-         - Ikea
-         - Target

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!


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