Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's do that!...Someday

Good morning! I know it isn't technically “Spring” until next week, BUT it’s friggin hot over here and feels more like summer already.  I was itching to go for a run yesterday before dinner but decided it was just too hot for Sophia. Instead I did an Insanity DVD for the first time in a couple of weeks. It felt good…in a bad good way. ;) Insanity is a beast of a workout and it will probably always make me call ‘mercy!’.  
Last night I went on a baking adventure and made these:
Carrot Cake Biscotti dipped in white chocolate! 
UH-mazing!  I had 2 of them for breakfast this morning with a latte. My Italian husband & I love biscotti (naturally to him) and love to play around with different flavors.  Angelo took some to work this morning and said all his employees also loved them. I think I will eat just about anything Carrot Cake flavored. Today I’m making another biscotti creation, which I’ll post tomorrow with the results.

This morning Sophia tried apples for breakfast and hated them. She started to gag and make funny disgusted faces.  I think it is the texture of them and might need to puree them a little longer because they’re a little chunkier than what she’s used to.

Topic of the Day: Things we put off because we are now parents. 

Movies – Watching TV we see all these previews of movies and say “I wanna see that!” followed by “Wonder when it’ll come out on RedBox?”  I REAALLLYY want to go see The Hunger Games because I absolutely LOVED the books so I’ll probably go to the movies sometime this month for the first time since I was preg!
Races – We did a “stroller 5k” a couple weeks ago and loved the feeling of being fit together as a family. I looked up other races that allow strollers and it turns out not so many do. A lot of the smaller, local races allow them so we’ll stick to the local 5k and 10k until a little later when I get the itch to run a ½ marathon again.
Nights on the town – This just doesn’t sound appealing to me right now. I’m not talking about just dinner. A “night out on the town” to me means going out to the bars and having drinks with friends until late in the morning hours like good ol’ times. Now, I’d much rather just go to a nice dinner & dessert, and then come home to Sophia.  Call me old… ;)
Big vacations – We took a mini-vacation to Miami (4 hrs away from home) a couple weekends ago for my birthday with Sophia. And we will most likely take other mini vacations throughout the year. We REALLY want to take trip to California, Italy, and a cruise,  but want to wait until Sophia is a little older so she’ll remember some of it.  
Beach days – After our trip to South Beach we realized the beach just isn’t for us right now. Sophia was scared of the ocean and didn’t like the sand too much either. I think it’ll be much more enjoyable when she’s able to walk. We’ll stick to the pool until then. 

Today we have lots of odds-n-ends to do and a friend to go visit! But first, we are about to head out the door to take a morning run since it's a little bit cooler right now. Hope you guys have a terrific Thursday!


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