Friday, March 9, 2012

Breaking a mirror

Yesterday was a very quiet day over here.  I had plans to actually get out of the house and do something with my day but Sophia & I ended up lounging around the house all day.

I wanted to go find a paint color for our extra bathroom, take down the mirror and find one to replace it, find some artwork for the walls, etc. It will eventually be the “kid’s bathroom” but it’s also the bathroom people use when they come over so it’s not going to be decorated with Monkeys or anything. Right now it’s just plain and ugly, with nothing in it except Sophia’s bath stuff. I goggled how to take a mirror off of a bathroom wall and all answers told me that I had to tape it up and break it since it’s glued to the wall. I’ll have to find my safety goggles from my college laboratory days before I start any of that. Scary stuff and isn’t it “bad luck” to break a mirror? Ow.

After our jog in the morning, we spent the majority of our day playing, reading, singing, and napping (Sophia napped while I was glued to Pinterest). We snacked a lot too. I love snacking! 
My fav snack right now: Cabot ff Greek Yogurt, organic apple, Organic FlaxPlus granola. It's more of a meal really because it fills me up for a few hours!

Last night was a leftover kind of night. We had the last of the broccoli & snap pea stir fry. I poured a glass of Pinot Noir but ended up not drinking it because it didn’t taste so good. Wine goes bad so quickly. I need to start buying the mini bottles so I don’t waste it. Since I didn’t drink my glass of wine, I had a brownie topped with Talenti Gelato instead. :0 If you haven’t tried the Talenti Gelato…go to your nearest Publix or Whole Foods. Now. I’m usually a plain ol’ vanilla eater but picked up a Double Dark Chocolate this time. It did not disappoint.

Today, we’re headed to our Power Plate workout, followed by lunch at Friday’s Downtown market, then a stop by the vet for some flea stuff for the pups, and some other odd errands. Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend! Any awesome plans? We don't have any official plans so who knows what we will be getting into this weekend!


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