Friday, March 30, 2012

He's Back!

For the past 11 days Angelo has been in Venezuela, and what a LONG 11 days it has been. We picked him up from the air port last night & bombarded him with hugs & kisses. Sophia wasn’t really sure exactly who he was at first but warmed up to him pretty fast. He makes her giggle more than anyone else and my heart exploded (again) when she was laughing and playing with him at the airport.

 Angelo went over to Venezuela to start up the other end of his new export business. He is originally from Venezuela and his entire extended family still lives there.  He hadn’t been back there in about 8 years so they were all ecstatic to see him and spoiled him like crazy; cooking him breakfast, lunch, & dinner, ironing his clothes, sewing up holes in his underwear (not kidding), and even shining his shoes! I told him that I hope he didn’t get used to that ;)
After we picked him up, we went to eat at Bahama Breeze where we ordered a couple drinks to celebrate his safe return. We both ordered burgers; he ordered a burger topped with portabellas, and I ordered the avocado, goat cheese burger…YUM! Sometimes all you want is a nice big burger, right?! After dinner we picked up the doggies from my parents (if you hadn’t noticed, I had been staying at my parents house while Angelo was gone) and came home & crashed. HOME SWEET HOME!
This morning I cooked up a whole wheat pancake breakfast (the fridge is scary empty) and we are getting ready to go for a nice run. Angelo didn’t get ANY exercise since he was too busy being spoiled with grandma’s cookin’ in Venezuela, so all he wants to do this morning is go for a long run. Afterwards, we have a lot of errands to run for the business then meeting Angelo's mom for lunch.
TGIF! This may be the best Friday ever! I’m so happy Angelo is back.

Love, Alex

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