Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do you have "plans"?

I know March officially started 7 days ago but starting yesterday, I am going to dedicate 1 meal to GREEN every day for the rest of the month. Why Green? Because isn’t green the color of March? Just like Red is the color of February? No? Yes? Who knows. Everyone could use a little more green in their life though, right?

Have you ever heard that saying, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans”?  That went through my head a few times yesterday. First, I wrote an entire post about starting Sophia on a nightly schedule. Then, I told myself I was going to dedicate 1 meal to GREEN starting with dinner. So I made a lovely green dinner of broccoli, snap peas, and cabbage. Topped with chicken, on top of quiona. But still..mostly green!

Well, none of the above even happened. I finished cooking dinner at 5:50, about to set up the table when I get a call from Angelo saying “I forgot to tell you but we have a dinner to go to in 1 hour”. So I packed up the dinner, bathed Sophia, got dressed, and headed out the door to an Italian restaurant with a bunch of Italian men. I guess Angelo didn’t get the memo that it was a “men only” type dinner. LOL Awkward…
But anyways, NOTHING on my plate during that 5 course Italian meal was GREEN and Sophia definitely didn’t get bathed or put to bed on time.

Today will be different, I say! I’m about to head out the down to get my Power Plate on then it’s Gymboree time with Sophia! Dinner is already made for tonight so at least I’ll get some good greens in there & probably make a salad on the side. Double green to make up for the nonexistent greens yesterday.


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