Saturday, March 31, 2012

Extra hands

Good Morning! Did any of you play the half billion dollar MegaMillion lotto? We don’t have it in Florida and we never play the lottery anyways so no dreams were crushed over here. But TONS of people woke up this morning with their Lamborghini & Ferrari dreams crushed. I think I heard on the news this morning that there are 3 confirmed winners so far to split the jackpot. Must be nice!

Last night was a change up in our house. Angelo cooked dinner! Other than grilling,  I don’t remember the last time he used the stove. I was busy doing an online course for a license for the new business so he stepped up to the plate and cooked us some delicious pasta. If Angelo is cooking dinner, it means we’re having pasta.  

This morning we woke up and had pancakes again…still need to make a trip to the grocery store. Today! We've been lounging around the house in our pjs, but Angelo wants to go running again so we will most likely bust out another 6 miler this afternoon. This evening Ohio State plays in the Final Four!
Gotta represent in the neighborhood! ;) 

With Angelo being gone for almost 2 weeks, it made me realize how much he helps me out with Sophia. I just about had a mental breakdown once or twice while he was gone. It probably would of have a lot easier to just stay home, but I’m a scarty cat and didn’t feel comfortable being alone in the house.
Even though Angelo works almost every day, he really helps me out in the mornings and evenings with Sophia; changing her diaper or just entertaining her.  I didn’t really recognize that until he wasn’t here! My mom & dad were big help in the evenings, but they both work early mornings.
It was also challenging without having all of Sophia’s stuff at my parents house like her jumpers, activity mats, lounger, etc.  My mom has bought quite a few toys for her to keep at her house so I thought those would be enough for the short time we were staying there. I did bring over the Boppy & Bumbo chair since I use those a lot, but everything else stayed at our house.  I came home a lot during the day to take showers & such, as I tried to not be at their house during the day while my dad worked. He works out of his home office. All the back and forth was starting to get on my nerves. I’m so glad he’s back, as life is back to normal.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! It’s beautiful (hot) weather in Tampa today. Looks like we might have to make tomorrow a pool day ;)


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