Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Recap... pictures!
Friday night was a lazy stay-at-home kind of kind. We got Thai food to-go and watched Thor. Thai food is a new thing in our house. About once a week the "what do you want for dinner" conversation comes up, followed by "not Thai food". For some reason Angelo had a bad image in his head about Thai food. On my birthday this year it was MY sole choice what we ate for dinner and of course I picked Thai food. We ate it and Angelo fell in love! 

Saturday we woke up early to go run in the 5k Stroller Gasparilla race here in Tampa. They also have a 10k, 15k, and half marathon. What I don't understand is why they would start the 5K "walkers" 10 minutes before they let the "stroller runners" start. Angelo took the stroller and zig-zaged through all the walkers and says he got 2nd place in the stroller category. We don't know what place we actually got because it was a "family fun race". Guess people who run with strollers aren't serious runners in their opinions. ;) It was fun none the less and we all got medals, including Sophia! 

Sunday we went over to my parent's house and had a traditional Sunday breakfast with pancakes, eggs, and bacon! I love breakfast foods and could eat them at all times of the day. We spent some time hanging out on their back patio in the beautiful weather we were having, and had the pleasure of doing their 1st harvest in their vegetable garden. So far they have broccoli and cauliflower blooming, soon to be much more! We came home, made some fresh carrot, apple, & spinach juice for lunch, and later some turkey burgers on homemade wheat buns with our newly harvested broccoli salad. Perfect Sunday!

Today is my beautiful mother's birthday! We are celebrating later tonight.
First on the agenda today is our Power Plate workout followed by a trip to the bakery on the hunt for a delicious birthday cake, I'm thinking about getting a variety of yummy cupcakes!
Hope everyone had just as an amazing weekend as we did over here! Happy Monday to you all!


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