Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Old School eats

Good afternoon! WorkItOut Wednesday almost quickly turned into Work Wednesday this morning with a 8am phone call telling me I needed to meet an inspector out at the new business property. Boo. So I skipped my Power Plate workout. but took a 4 mile jog with Sophia in her stroller once I got back home. It was a little later than I usually go so it was HOT, but with a little cool breeze for Sophia. 
It's really weird how you get in a habit of doing some form of activity everyday that it becomes addicting. I guess that's a good addiction. 

When we got home I was starving. I chopped up an apple, looked in the fridge to see a big jar of peanut butter, and decided to take it OLD SCHOOL. 
Ants on a Log! Remember these?! I substituted chocolate chips instead of raisins because I didn't have any. Only craisins which didn't sound as good as chocolate. 

This afternoon we're going to take a trip over to the disney of house stuff, Ikea. We usually find some cute house accessories so I'm hoping to find some stuff for the office!

Hope everyone has an awesome hump day! It's all easy sailing down hill to Friday.


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