Saturday, March 10, 2012

Home videos

Happy Saturday! The clouds are rollin' in over here and looks like rain is on it's way!

Yesterday after Power Plate we took our usual Friday stroll through the downtown market. We ate at a cute little booth called The Alligator Pear where they serve “Fusion tacos” with your choice of meat. I ordered the Thai chicken tacos topped with cabbage, jasmine rice, and mango. We try to go to a different booth every Friday. My sweet tooth kicked in after those tacos so I bought this big-as-my-hand Oatmeal Raisin cookie for the car ride over to Whole Foods. 
Mr.Rome thinks the cookie is for him...Sorry Rome, it's not that kind of cookie!

We picked up a basket full of produce for Sophia’s baby food and juicing: kale, carrots, apples, squash, and sweet potatoes. I added some Kombucha (I LOVE the Grape) and LaraBars to the basket on the way to checkout.

When Sophia was first born my mom dug up some home videos of me as a baby and the other day when we went over to my parent’s house to have Sunday brunch and harvest some broccoli, we got to finally watch them. It was cool to see how many similarities there are between Sophia & I. I’m not just tooting my own horn when I say this but Sophia definitely looks like me. ;) 
The funniest thing about the videos:
  •      My mom was sitting at the dining room table, with all us kids around, smoking a cigarette. My mom and dad both quit smoking when I was very young, like 4 yrs old maybe, so it was extremely weird to see her smoking.  
  •    My brother & I were playing with a boom box plug and electrical socket. My brother runs up to my mom crying about just getting shocked. She says “I told you I don’t want you and your sister playing over there” and goes back to filming my sister dancing around the living room. Meanwhile, I’m still sitting on the floor playing with the electrical socket. 
  • There was always some kind of music playing in the background but the TV was never on. It was a pretty sweet old school TV too.

It made me think how different and much more complicated everything is now. There wasn’t one “baby safety lock” in the kitchen or on the electrical sockets. The living room wasn’t all focused around one huge TV on the wall.  The TV wasn’t on and we were always dancing around to some kind of music cassette or out in the backyard (that had no fence hiding us from our neighbors) playing with different toys. 

So, with that in mind, I set out to spend more time outside with Sophia. We went out back to take a dip in the pool but it turns out the water is still freezing even though it's 80+ degrees outside! The float floated alone...but we sat out back and played with the doggies and picked some weeds for a good hour. 

Hopefully the float will get some love soon. Today we're going to attempt to get a nice long run in before rain rolls in (if it even does come), then walk over to the 1st Annual Gasparilla Music Festival downtown. Lots of running and walking going on this Saturday...these are the kind of Saturdays I love!


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