Thursday, March 8, 2012

That Was Then, This Is Now

I have something to admit…I used to be a “cardioholic”. Running was my only form of exercise and I didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t have any real goals in mind, I just ran. I did a race here and there; ½ marathons, 10k, and a few 5ks, but didn’t really track my time or strive to get faster. I look at running as more of a fun hobby, not competitive. I walked/ran throughout my entire pregnancy, not lifting a weight once because being pregnant is no time to start new fitness regimes. I really wished I had done more strength training before I got pregnant so I could have continued strength training into my pregnancy. 
That was then, this is now. Since having Sophia and becoming a mom, I have changed a lot, in SO many perspectives, but one of them being about health & fitness. It’s like a light bulb went off in my head. I didn’t want Sophia growing up in a home with a mom who thought the way to be “pretty” and skinny was to starve myself or that eating fast food & junk food all the time was “good”. I want Sophia to see us working out, to go on runs with us, to see us always being active, and eating fruits and vegetables.

I want to be her and all of my children’s role model.

 The first time in my life that I had a poor body image of myself was when Sophia was about 2 months old. I had to work (hard as hell!) to get back to a body I was proud of. It took time, dedication, consistency, and freaking hard work. First, I started running again, but knew running alone was not going to get me the body I wanted. I no longer want to be “skinny” as I did throughout my high school and college years. I want people to look at me and think “she must workout!” not “she needs to eat something!”

I’m not perfect in any means and am always striving to get better. I still eat “junk food” every now and then but I try to keep the majority of my diet healthy, clean eats. I’ve sworn off fast food (except the occasionally Chic-fila) and work out 3-5x a week doing both cardio & strength training. I listen to my body, when I feel worn out I take a rest day or 2...or 3.  I’ve learned so much in the past months and am hungry for more! I hope I can be inspiration to at least 1 person in my life.

Sophia & I just got back from our morning run, it’s a beautiful day outside! I hope everyone has an amazing Thursday!  I feel so full of energy this morning! ;)

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