Thursday, March 29, 2012

Amazing Feats

Look who’s starting to crawl over here!! 

Sophia is quickly learning to crawl, Watch out!
Sophia’s “steps” to crawling
1.     -  Holding her head and upper body up with her arms straight during tummy time
2.    -  Rolling over from her back to tummy.
3.    -   Sliding backwards. She would lie on her tummy and push herself backwards with her arms.
4.    -   Getting up on hands & knees
5.    -  Rocking back & forth on all fours.
6.    -  Lunging her body forward while on all fours
7.    -  Slowly starting to put one hand and knee forward!

It’s so amazing to watch them learn all these magnificent feats step by step.
Guess who also slept WITHOUT her swaddle last night?!

If you guessed Sophia…smarty pants!

The swaddle has also been a step by step process.
1.   - Swaddle with regular baby blanket – ALWAYS found her way out of them & woke up.
2.   -  Bought “Miracle Blanket” – Truly a miracle in the house started sleeping through the night (except 1 feeding usually at 1am) at 2 weeks old.
3.   -  Stopped swaddling legs at about 4 months old. Took her a week or 2 to get used to having her legs free.
4.   -  Started to swaddle her loosely 1 month ago & she would usually escape by the morning time but slept mostly through the night.
5.    - Last night I decided to do without the swaddle. She WOULD NOT go to sleep so I just wrapped a blanket around her chest and arms very loosely.

She escaped the loose wrap in about an hour and woke up. BUT she woke up, looked at me, rolled over onto her tummy and fell back asleep! She slept like that for the rest of the night. I didn’t get much sleep just because I kept waking up to make sure she didn’t bury her face into the mattress. I think it was a success! We will do the same thing tonight.

There is very exciting stuff going on around here in Sophia world. She is learning new things every single day and it’s pretty amazing to witness it all.

Today we are basically planless. YAY! Just need to take a trip to the grocery store at some point. Right now we are going to hit the pavement for a morning jog, then just hang out, and probably do some cleaning around the house here & there.  Hope everyone has a tip-top Thursday!


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