Monday, March 19, 2012

Coconut liquids

It's Monday already?! Ugh. ;)

Sunday started with plans to clean the house and chill out, but ended up being full of fun in the sun at a friend's house. 
Since pool = sun = pina colada (right?!) I brought one of these to sip on by the pool.

Sun always wears me out, so come 7pm I was almost dead to the world. We managed to keep our eyes open a few more hours to eat some penne pasta topped with grilled chicken and a scrumptious salad. 

This morning I woke up and had some Bobs Red Mill Steel cut oats topped with walnuts & a dash of stevia. I made my coffee with coconut milk instead of the almond milk norm. What's up with all these coconut drinks? It was a nice change up but after I finish this carton, I'll stick with my almond milk. We were meant to be ;) The coconut milk tastes a little too "watered down" to me. 

On today's agenda: Power plate workout, pick up dog food, lunch with a friend, back home to catch up on laundry & Desperate Housewives, then dinner with the girls (Monday night tradition). Not a bad Monday! But what Monday is...i mean REALLY?!


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