Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Food keeping me up at night

Last night was a celebration for my most wonderful mother's birthday! The family (Sophia, me, Angelo, brother, sister-in-law, and dad) all met up at Olde Town Pizzeria for dinner. Olde Town is a staple here in town, best known for their award winning Strawberry Salad. We all split a big salad and 2 pizzas, thin crust and deep dish. For dessert I grabbed a variety of cupcakes from another local gem bakery,Wright's. These cupcakes were to die for! If you're anywhere near Tampa, you NEED to go to Wright's Gourmet. My mom loves their Hummingbird cake, which I got a special Hummingbird cupcake just for her! I also grabbed 2 carrot cakes (fav), 1 chocolate, 1 chocolate peanut butter, 1 red velvet, 2 coconut. All marvelous.
My mom fed Sophia about 2 oz of squash, which she loves! My little veggie eater! 

Since Sophia has started solid foods, she obviously hasn’t been breastfeeding as much as she used to.  Ever since, she’s been getting up more during the night to feed. I started researching and talking to different people about what they did to make sure their baby got enough food during the day so their night time routine wasn’t screwed with. So,  I wrote out a schedule as a guideline. Obviously every day is different but I will start trying to adhere to this schedule as much as Sophia & I can.  

Our morning schedule isn’t the problem as it is the same every day. The afternoon is what gets all wacky. Yesterday she didn’t breast feed all afternoon from 8:30 – 2:30. That’s 6 hours without feeding when all she had was half a banana after her morning nursing session. SO unlike her. Our morning schedule goes as follows.
7a.m.: Sophia wakes up. Nurse for about 20 minutes or as long as she will allow. She’s usually quite active and wiggly right when she wakes up.
7:30: Play in bouncer or on floor activity mat while I feed dogs and get myself breakfast.
8:30: Breakfast for Sophia. Today it was ½ a banana. I think I will start to incorporate a rice cereal or oatmeal with the fruit.
9a.m.: Change Sophia and nurse before morning nap (if we’re staying at home) OR Change Sophia and leave to go workout & errands. She will usually fall asleep in her car seat once we leave so she still gets her morning nap in whether we’re home or away.
9:30: Sophia’s morning nap is usually really short. Like 15-30min short. I’ve read that pretty soon she may not even do a morning nap.

This is when we have absolutely no schedule and every day is entirely different. I will usually nurse Sophia while I’m eating lunch and she will play/nap randomly throughout the rest of the day. I’m not worried about an afternoon schedule at all. I’m more worried about getting her full with enough food to help her get through the night like she used to. Dreamer, I am. So afternoons will remain organized chaos. Here’s what I’m thinking for evenings and will try out this week.

4p.m.: Nurse, then nap while I make dinner.
6p.m.: Feed Sophia (baby food) while we eat dinner.
7p.m.: Play, go for walk.
7:45-8p.m.: Bath and get ready for bed
8:30 -9p.m.: Nurse & Bed for Sophia
1:30a.m.: Twilight Feeding (I saw this on Fitnessista)

Let’s all pray and cross our fingers that I can stick to this schedule. 

Sophia is napping right now, but we're meeting up with Angelo, who is finally making moves with a brain-child he's had for the past year, to do all that fun stuff you need to start a company. 
Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

How are you going to be active today? Our weather is beautiful so a jog outside will be mine!


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