Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday to you! How was the weekend? 
Ours was wonderful, filled with:

 A 6 mile run around the Tampa Bay
Half way point rest. Sophia is waving!

Gasparilla Music Festival. It was KID-CENTRAL when we went and hot as hell! 
The event was 11am- 11pm. We were there at the beginning and left when all the people started showing up.

Pork Nachos from the 3Suns Organic Food Truck

Acropolis Salad from Acropolis Greek Grill
 Sweet Potatoes for Sophia
Which she LOVED!

Today we already had our workout on the Power Plate and went to the grocery store to load up the fridge for the week! We came home to unload the car, write some blog posts, let the dogs out, and now we are off to go take a long walk with our friend who is preg! Then we will finally be able to come home and rest a little before a Sushi date with our friend, Ang!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 


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