Friday, February 17, 2012

Make running more FUN

After yesterday’s horrible night’s sleep, last night was a 180. Last night before we went to bed I took a hot shower with Sophia sitting in the shower with me in her baby-tub. The steam really helped break up all that congestion. Then I cranked up the humidifier in the room and dropped some Vick’s VapoSteam in the water. 
Sophia slept through the night = I slept through the night. Glorious! On mornings like these I actually feel like a human!
Morning fail = forgot to pick up another bag of dog food yesterday since my mind wasn’t working from lack of sleep. So I cooked up some brown rice and chicken for them to eat this morning. I’m sure they didn’t mind. ;)

This morning I want to talk about RUNNING!!! More specifically I want to talk about stuff that makes running easier.Some love it, others hate it. I happen to love it. The hotter the weather the better (which isn’t hard to come by here in FL) because I like to sweat!
Cue music --> Sweat baby sweat!
This was me finishing the Florida 1/2 Marathon in Clermont, FL

SHOES: There is nothing like a good pair of running shoes. I went to FIT2RUN in our mall and was measured and videoed on the treadmill to get fitted with the best shoe for me. One of the best things I could have done. It taught me that my ankles weren’t very stable in my old shoes and I land on the outside of my feet. I have ran in all types of shoes, starting out with a pair of Nike Shox. Turns out those aren’t so good for running. I’ve had Asics, Brooks, Nikes, Pumas, and Reeboks. My favorite pair was my Brooks, which I’ll go back to when I wear out these Reeboks.

CLOTHES: I could probably run in just about any type of athletic wear. It’s really about what YOU’RE most comfortable in. I like my running clothes to be form-fitting, not too loose that my shirt is bouncing up and down when I run. Shorts or pants isn’t an issue for me, just depends on the weather. Here is a few of my favorite running clothes.

I love these Nike Dri-fit shirts. Purchased from Sports Authority, but can be found at any sports store.
New Balance running capris and Nike Pro-Combat running shorts

ACCESSORIES: I used to always have to wear an iPod, but now I don’t use any form of noise except the great outdoors! I run with Sophia in her stroller so I need to hear if she starts crying or what not. I used to wear a Nike+ watch with the chip on my shoe but my dog thought it was chew toy. I haven't worn anything as a way to track my running in a long time because its more of a fun hobby just to get out of the house these days. There are some great options out there though. 

Nike+ Sports watch with chip. They sell chip holders for us non-Nike wearing runners.

PARTNERS: I rarely run alone anymore. I’m always with Sophia in the jogging stroller or the dogs. Sometimes I have a running buddy that I can actually have a conversation with. It’s fun to have a running buddy of any source because it becomes less of a “chore”.  The dogs are ALWAYS excited to take a run, which makes me more excited about it!

Well guys, It’s FRIDAY! Weekend is finally here or will be here at 5pm for some of you! Hey, it’s 5:00 somewhere, right?


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