Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

Happy Monday! Did you watch the Superbowl? Hope you're team for all you NY Giants fan, congrats! I didn't have a team in the Superbowl. Neither did Sophia.
She wanted to know where the TB Bucs were! ;)

Before the Superbowl, we spent the day cleaning the house, pool, and making food for some friends & family. For the starters we had: Chips & homemade guacamole, buffalo chicken dip, buffalo turkey meatballs, tray of celery & carrots, pizza rolls, and spinach dip. The main course included turkey burgers, beef hot dogs, and venison brats. I had half a turkey burger and was stuffed from munching on everything before, plus I wanted to save room for dessert. We had a make-your-own Strawberry shortcake buffet and some chocolate chip cookies fresh out the oven! YUM! 

The only part of the Superbowl I watched was the halftime show and the last 4 minutes of the game when the Patriots were trying to save themselves. My thoughts on the halftime show? Madonna needs to stick to her classics...her new songs are too cheesy and don't fit her.  I didn't get to see too many commercials but I heard the best one was by M&Ms? What did you think?

Today includes a visit to the gym to work off all those snacks from yesterday, playtime at Gymboree,  followed by Girls Night tonight! Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!


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