Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Recap

Monday...we meet again! To me, this week kind of seems like a short week because Valentine's day is tomorrow! It's nice when there is a "holiday" in the middle of the week because it breaks up the normal routine. Just a reason to totally disregard "healthy" eating and have a box of chocolates for dinner, right? o_O Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We sure did, full of Valentine's activities! I've come to find out that special occasions are magnified when you have little children. 

Here are some pictures from our weekend.
Friday: Gymboree Valentine's Day party! We sang songs, had a parade, arts-n-crafts, and played games such as Lover's leap and Tunnel of Love on all the equipment at Gymboree. It was a rager! ;) 

Saturday: Hung out at the house most the day, went on a 4 mile run, and went out for some BBQ at Smokey Bones. Sophia did so good in her high chair. She doesn't totally fit in the high chairs yet but we put this chair cover on it to give it some cushion and she really seems to like it. She lounged in it and starred at all the lit up signs around the restaurant. 
The weather was beautiful on Saturday so we opened the windows to let the coolness in!

My new favorite protein drink: 1 scoop JuicePlus+ complete, half cup Almond milk, fill the rest of glass with water, stir with a spoon full of Almond Butter. Yum-o

Sunday: Busy day full of Church, Gymboree class, my brother's house for a family BBQ. We had cheeseburgers, brats, pasta salad, strawberry fields salad, and homemade ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Sophia's grammy brought Sophia her first Valentine's day present! Sophia totally loved it, I could tell. ;) Sophia turned 6 months old yesterday! Can't believe how fast that 1/2 year went by. Of course, we had to do the monthly photo shoot.

We also watched the Grammy's last night. I fell asleep around 9:30 so missed the last part of them and probably the best part. Heard Jennifer Hudson nailed it singing "I Will Always Love You" honoring Whitney Houston (RIP). Who else watched? 

Hope you make the most out of this marvelous Monday! We are off to PowerPlate workout and Sophia's last day in Level 1 at Gymboree!

Love, Alex

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