Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: Jogging Stroller

Angelo bought me the Joovy Zoom ATS Jogging Stroller this past Christmas. I didn’t have a specific stroller in mind when I added it to my Christmas list and the Joovy has not disappointed. There is a gentleman who works at our local BuyBuyBaby who is an expert at all things stroller. He does all the tricks and shows you all the features in such a suave way, there’s no way you CAN’T buy the stroller. You leave there thinking you bought the greatest invention in the world. That’s a good salesman, right?! When Angelo told me that the same Bugaboo salesmen had sold him the Joovy I thought, “Well then it HAS to be good!”

Angelo is usually the one to control the stroller with Sophia when we go on family runs. He hates running with the dogs but I feel bad and have to take them with us. They need exercise too! I've used it 3x while running but have taken plenty of walks with it since it's a good way for Sophia to get a nap and some fresh air. 

- Front wheel has a locking feature. This seems to be a big selling point for some people.  I’m not sure if I like it locked or unlocked better, but the fact that it has the ability to stay locked if I wanted it to is nice.
-Comes with a pocket & 2 cup holder attachment, rain cover, and tire pump. You don’t have to buy these separately.
- Reclinable back rest for child can be lowered to a sleep position.
- Giant storage basket at bottom for all things big. My diaper bag fits in it.
- Oversized sun canopy with window at top to see child.
- Mesh material by child’s head (like a vent) very good to let air breeze through in this FL heat!
-With just a pull of a cord, it is VERY easy to fold up to store when not using.
- Easy assembly
- Price!

- The canopy, when folded back, almost touches Sophia’s head. Don’t think this stroller would fit tall children.
- Steering is kind of hard for me with the locked wheel.  It’s perfect for running down a straight path, not curvy sidewalks.

Hope you all have a Wondeful Wednesday!

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