Monday, November 17, 2014

10 things I Love about November

Now that we're halfway through November (ALREADY?!?!), it's time to talk about everything I love about this glorious month! 

10 Things I Love About November 

Weather – November in Florida means 70-80 degree weather…almost to perfection. Yesterday it was sunny and hot (at 80 degrees), but today it's been rainy and cold (68 degrees). Best of both worlds.

Boots – November gives us a reason to wear anything other than flip flops. Bring out the boots and warm fuzzy socks! From combat, ankle, to knee high boots. They're all so wonderful! 
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Leftover Halloween Candy on the cheap - this candy might already be gone off the shelves by now, but last week I picked up 2 bags of chocolate for a little over a dollar. This same bag was well over $10 a couple weeks ago. Suckers.

Movies – November always brings the good movies out. Dumb & Dumber To and the MockingJay Part 1 are two big ones this month!

Facebook Thankful posts – while we should most definitely be thankful all year round, these thankful posts are a nice break from people bitchin' about traffic, drama, baby not sleeping, and work. 
How many people actually do all 30?

Jackets & scarves– I love a good jacket and a scarf is such a fun accessory to keep us warm. They actually may be my two favorite clothing items. Probably because we only get to wear them for a short time.
I love this lady! (The HoneyBee)

Thanksgiving – Bring on the food, friends, family, and football! I’m thankful for being able to go into food coma every year.

Shopping – Christmas shopping officially starts! I've vowed to do most my Christmas shopping from independent shops this year! A fun way to give back to small businesses and the community. 

Starbucks Holiday Drinks – We were one of the counties that got to “test” Chestnut Praline Lattes last year. It’s so good, you almost want to take a picture of the red cup they put it in…but I think enough people are doing that, so please restrain yourself.
But they're so pretty! <3

No Shave November/Movember – the month where men vow not to shave in order to raise awareness about men's health issues and look good doing it! Whether you have a beard or mustache, there are official rules for that facial hair! Movember Rules // Noshember Rules 


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