Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chicken Pot Pie & Thanksgiving Menus

Last night was the beginning of our Thanksgiving festivities. Katie (brother's wife/sister-in-law) made a delicious homemade Chicken Pot Pie for us! When she asked if we wanted to come over for some Chicken Pot Pie, I thought about the last time I actually ate a chicken pot pie. (I like saying "chicken pot pie"!) I believe the last chicken pot pie I had was more than 10 years ago and it was a frozen Marie Challender. Sorry Marie, but you've got serious competition. Katie's chicken pot pie was beyond good and I will not go another 10 years without Chicken Pot Pie. I will now demand Katie's chicken pot pie a numerous times a year!

So today is Thanksgiving might as well be called Black Wednesday for grocery stores. A day when grocery store parking lots are jammed packed, all the cans of sweet potatoes and chicken broth are sold out, and you have to park all the way in the back and actually walk more than 100 feet to the store. Goodness...

It's still early in the morning right now and I'm already making my strategic plan for grocery shopping today. I have officially waited until the last minute to get my supplies for our Thanksgiving menu. My excuse is that school is out and grocery shipping with two youngin's is one of the furthest things down the list of fun. But it's come to the day that I can no longer avoid it. 

My responsibilities for Thanksgiving this year are the Macaroni & Cheese and a vegetable side dish.
When I told my husband I was making the mac-n-cheese, he told me to find the fattiest recipe I could find because it would be the best! (Sticks of butter makes everything better) Since it's Thanksgiving and we're all setting our scales back 10 pounds anyways, I'm going to go ahead and just make the ultimate cheesiest mac n cheese I possibly can. But, to even out the playing fields, I'm also going to bring a brussel sprout side dish. ;)

These are the two recipes I'll be making for Thanksgiving this year:

Creamy Gruyere, White Cheddar, and Parmesan Macaroni and Cheese by Solid Gold Eats

Pan Seared Brussel Sprouts with Cranberries & Pecans from Rachel Schultz

I can't wait to eat tomorrow!!! 


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