Monday, November 3, 2014

Treating, no tricks, and other adventures

As you would of guessed, our weekend started off with trick or treating, candy, and AMAZING weather!!!

It's been in the 40's-50's the past couple of mornings, getting into the high 70's during the day. Anything in the 70's is the perfect weather, in my opinion. 

Friday was a very eventful day as we ran errands, went to Walmart (tremble convulsively), went to a Halloween party at a friend's house, and did a little trick or treating (all treating, no tricking). 

Bella was an alligator. When I saw this dog costume I had to get it. You see, there has been a "missing" alligator in our neighborhood. It's usually in a big pond in the neighborhood, then it was seen roaming the streets one night, and now it's no where to be found. We're constantly getting updated emails that the alligator is still at large! I dressed Bella up in her costume, and texted Angelo that "I found the missing alligator!" He told me to FaceTime him immediately. Then I sent him this picture of Bella. 
Rome was a banana that didn't' fit him. He immediately laid down and just starred at me when I put it on him. 
This was Nelpe's 1st Halloween!! She totally surprised me and kept her monkey hat on most of the night! She won't keep bows on, but monkey hats...she doesn't mind those. 
Sophia was a giraffe! This costume was beyond cute and so glad I finally found one that she approved of! She changed her mind 10 times before settling for either a giraffe or horse. Which Party City sold neither. Amazon Prime to the rescue and it arrived just in time! #ToddlerProblems 
This is a appetizer I brought to the party. I saw it on Pinterest and knew it was a "Must-have" at any Halloween party we would be attending.

After a long night of being with family, friends and chasing around the kids, 6:00 a.m.Saturday morning came very quickly. Our neighborhood was having a Community Garage Sale and we had a big box of stuff we wanted to get rid of. So at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning I was setting up shop. People started showing up at 6:30 a.m. Serious garage sellers! They bought all the "big ticket" items and we made $50 before we even "opened". Angelo had never done a garage sale before (he's always worked Saturdays since I knew him) and was really into it. He loved negotiating with the customers. LOL
Toward the end of the garage sale (10 a.m.), I turned it into a dollar store and even had a big box of FREE stuff. I couldn't give some of this crap away! Jeez. People even negotiated items down to a quarter and even managed to get a BOGO on our shoes. :) It was really comical, but what did we care? Everything that didn't sell was loaded in the back of the truck and taken to GoodWill. Shop closed and we had an extra $100 in our pocket. Perfect for the Farmer's Market on Sunday.
We walked around the Hyde Park Farmer's Market for a while and picked up some goodies: Olive salad, Strawberry/Mango jam, wheat grass shots, and kettle corn. We hit up the park to get some of the kid's energy out, then drove to a restaurant on Davis Island for lunch. It was a Mediterranean restaurant called Fountain. It was nothing special, I wouldn't recommend it. 

The rest of Sunday was spent at Home Depot and Publix. #MarriedLife

Overall great weekend with great weather!! Hope you all had a marvelous weekend as well.


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