Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Two Word: Yoga Pants

I know I’m not alone in this yoga pants love fest. (Yes, that’s actually happening)

Is "how many is too many" even a question to ask? I mean, how can you have TOO many yoga pants…especially when they are a part of your everyday wardrobe? That’s like having too many pairs of underwear.

The definition of Yoga Pants from Wikipedia: Yoga pants are a type of flexible, form-fitting pants designed for the practice of yoga as well as other physical activities that involve a lot of movement, bending and stretching. (i.e.: Parenting) Some of the other activities include: martial arts, dancing, pilates, aerobics, clubbing, etc. ß I’ll go ahead and add parenting into that list too.

Guilty as charged: I leave my house in yoga pants almost every day (during the week), almost to the point where people are starting to think my wardrobe looks similar to Doug Funny’s. In the back of my mind I know it’s just not acceptable to be wearing yoga pants this often but oh how I wish it was. I have to hide in the bushes when I see the fashion police coming.

You probably can’t tell from my appearance when you see me dropping Sophia off at school, but I actually do want to be one of those “fashionable” moms who look perfect with her manicured nails and hair, perfectly planned ensemble with matching accessories. But that’s just a lot of work and during the week, I just don’t have time. Really…how do you find the time during the week?!

I’m lucky to get a shower in and hurriedly get my yoga pants on before Nelpe wakes up and wants nothing but for me to hold her for 15 minutes while she’s waking up. Then, once Nelpe's up, it's time to cook breakfast for everyone with one hand, get Sophia up, get everyone dressed, teeth brushed, dogs fed, lunches packed, and out the door before traffic becomes a nightmare. 

It’s just that kind of life right now. That Yoga Pants Life, yo! Maybe in like 8 years, when I don’t have a young one who still needs my attention 24 out of 24 hours of the day, I’ll be able to wear the other items in my closet on the week days. But for now, those other clothes in my closet that I think are stylish are reserved for some weekends, nights out, meetings, and parties.

So go on, judge me for my yoga pants. Although it may look like it, I promise I don’t wear the same ones every day. I have multiples. 

I'm not owning up to be a Yoga Pants expert, but here are a few of my favorite yoga pants:

American Apparel (On Sale Now!)

lululemon (all hail the Wunder Under Pants)



  1. LOL you crack me up! And I love reading your blog. I only have one pair of yoga pants and one pair of sweat pants and I don't have the parenting job as a reason why I wear them so often :) I need to go out this weekend and purchase a few more now that its winter time... cold weather is my reason for not getting all dolled-up every weekday!

    1. LOL! :) Yes you do need to purchase more! Old Navy is a great place to go for any "active" wear if you want more than one pair and don't want to spend a buttload of money. They are always having sales too!