Monday, November 24, 2014

Conversations with Sophia

Last night as my husband and Sophia finally got into bed around 11 p.m., I asked what they had been doing. His response was "Oh you know... Sophia just being a handful". His definition of a handful at that hour was Sophia asking for thing after thing, not letting him "enjoy" the Sunday night football game. (It's comical for him to actually think he would be able to sit down and enjoy an entire football game in this house)

Sophia’s usual 9 p.m. requests are blueberry yogurt (no other flavor is accepted), pretzels, water, and to read her 134 bedtime books.

My response to my husband was, "yeah that's what my entire week looks like". 
This morning marks the start of an entire week of no school for Sophia. It's not bad if I don't have any errands to run and entirely push my to-do list aside. I know little “work” will be accomplished this week and I’m ok with that. I have to be ok with that or I’ll have an anxiety attack.

So this morning, when Sophia woke up at 9 a.m. I asked her what she wanted to do today. She told me she wanted to do the following three things:

1. Paint a picture of a rhino
2. Paint her bucket the color orange
3. Play on the playground.

Sounds like an easy day, right?! Jokes on me…

These requests made me laugh with wonder. I always have the best conversations with Sophia. They make me smile. Kids are so fun to talk to at this age because half the things they say come from somewhere, but I don't know where.

This is a little segment I like to call: Conversations with Sophia

The Bunny we don’t have
S: We need to put Bella and Rome outside.
Me: Why?
S: So they don't eat our new bunny!
Me: What bunny?
S: We're getting a bunny and Bella and Rome need to go outside!
Me: Oooh Ok, but Bella is going to be sad!
S: Of course she is going to be sad because she loves the inside but they will eat the bunny so have to go outside.
(We have no bunny and don't plan on getting one)

S: Mommmmaaa! Are you on my iPad?
Me: Yes
S: You can't be on MY iPad!
Me: What?! Why not?!
S: Well because you don't let me use your computer!
Me: Haha you're totally right Sophia! But this is the family’s ipad so I’m going to use it…. J

The Green & Orange Fruit

S: I ate all my snack and lunch today!
Me: Alright! Good job!
S: But not the green and orange, just the yellow. I don't like green and orange ones. They aren't my favorite. (She's talking about melon and cantaloupe)
Me: Ok I'll tell dada not to put them in your lunch anymore.
S: Well…well maybe I can tell him? Please?


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