Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Baked Apple Chips

Have you ever bought the Apple Chips they sell at the grocery store? These are SO much better! But what isn't better homemade?! OK, I can think of some things too...but not these!

These apple chips are delicious and, with apples being in season, loaded with sweet flavor. Bonus: the process of them baking will fill your house with the scent of fall! Mmm Cinnamon Apple! 

Sophia could hardly wait to eat them and when she first saw them she said, "ooooooh donuts!!". Yeah girl, these are apple donuts so eat em up! ;) She did. 

Baked Apple Chips

What you’ll need:
Butter or cooking spray
2 apples

What you do:
Heat oven to 250
Grease up a cookie sheet with butter or spray
Turn apple on its side and cut into thin slices
Using a spoon or knife, pop out the core of each apple slice
Spread the apple slices on the cookie sheet and sprinkle with cinnamon.
Bake for 30 minutes, flip over, bake for another 30-50 minutes.
Thinner slices will cook quicker, so you can take them out before if they are starting to brown on the edges. 


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