Friday, September 5, 2014

Doc McStuffin songs heal all wounds

Happy Friday!

This week has just been a doozy for me so I am SUPER excited it's Friday! It's been one thing after another, but that's life right?
I kept Sophia home from school today for her 3 year old doctor check up. She was worried about getting shots and having a check up, but nothing the Doc McStuffins song can't fix. I sang "Time for your check up!" and "I feel better, so much better!" all the way to the doctor office. The appt went fantastic until they put a band aid on her finger after pricking it to get a blood sample. The prick was nothing, but put a band aid on her finger, and WATCH OUT! She's been acting like her entire arm is broken for the past 3 hours. She wouldn't let me touch her band aid because "its a boo-boo!".
Reasons why my kid is crying...there's a band aid on her finger. I finally convinced her that it's OK to take the band aid off. All is right in her world again.

I wanted to share these two beauty queens of the Costco aisles.
Beware when buying this bag of dark chocolate enrobed (fancy word) mangoes. I literally hid it in my laundry room so I wouldn't devour the entire bag in one day.

The ingredients in these are as follows: organic black beans and water. That's it! Crazy right?! 

Friday Finds Around the interwebs this week:

NFL Players read mean tweets I love these segments on Jimmy Kimmel. This is the NFL edition in honor of me and my daughters not seeing my husband get off his chair for the next 17 weeks that football will be on TV.

RIP Joan Rivers. This is a great 3 min clip of her sassy self through the last 50 years.

I absolutely love BuzzFeed Lists and could get sucked in their hole and not come out for hours.

THIS because dogs are hilarious and lovable and just perfect.

THIS one about why having kids sounds absolutely terrifying is legit true story bro.


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