Monday, September 8, 2014

Bugs and other things to complain about


Super pee! A little girl peed on the bathroom rug and I washed it. I took it out of the washer to dry and it STILL smells like pee. What the heck...some sort of super pee! Double wash is needed for this super pee.

Florida & Bugs. (BARF) We came home Saturday night and pulled into the garage. With the car lights shining into the garage, we instantly saw 3 (THREE!!!) huge Palmetto bugs on the garage wall, scurrying around to get away from the light. The husband got out and unsuccessfully tried to kill them with a shoe. They all got away from him (LOL). I was trapped in my car. Not a good feeling. I HATE cockroaches...Pest Control called ASAP

Weather! Every time I've gone outside to start a run this weekend, the clouds all gather and turn dark. Florida weather is tricky so you never know how long, when, or if it's actually going to rain. Most of the time I can still get in 4 miles before the rain starts, but there's those times you look at the sky and think "it's definitely going to downpour in like 2 seconds" but then it doesn't even rain at all and the sky looks normal again 15 minutes later. Sometimes I wish I had a treadmill, but I did have a treadmill at one point and NEVER used it so we sold it.

Stop the complaining! It's time for MOTIVATIONS:


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