Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

Time for a little weekend recap over here:

Sophia had a half day Friday at school so we took lunch over to the hubs work when I picked her up.Since we had a heavier lunch, Friday night pizza night was a homemade flatbread. 
Followed by some house decorating. My friend Alisha owns Harbour Antique and I've been collecting some vintage gold frames and mirrors from her for a couple of weeks now. I finally put some up, and still have some smaller ones to add to the mix. (@Harbour_Antique on IG)

Saturday morning was bright and early at the soccer fields. 
Followed by dinner at Alisha's house. Sophia was not amused by the younger kids ruining story time.
The girls waiting impatiently like little angels for their Mac-n-Cheese.
A Sunday full of family, Pineapple plants...
and picking limes off a tree. 

If you followed instruction, you should be having a good Monday with a coffee in hand. 


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