Monday, September 29, 2014

National Coffee Day!

Today is NATIONAL COFFEE DAY and as a lover of coffee, I shall celebrate!

Let me give you a little background of my relationship with coffee:

My husband likes to take credit for introducing me to “real” coffee. He’s Venezuelan/Italian and grew up around espresso and after dinner coffee drinks. I didn't really know anything at all about coffee except it looked like dirty water sitting in a pot. (Put some flowers in there and call it a day.)

Even after dating my hubs for years, I didn't become a “coffee drinker” until college. And even when I did drink coffee it was a high calorie sweet some-kind-of chocolate flavored coffee from Starbucks. You know, the white chocolate java chip mocha fraps… straight up dessert.

Now-a-days I drink a cup of coffee every morning. Actually it’s 1 shot of espresso. I bought the hubs a fancy little espresso machine for father’s Day last year and it’s become his 3rd best friend (Me, his TV, Espresso Machine) It’s totally changed my view on coffee and how I drink it.

I take ½ cup of almond or coconut milk, steam the milk with the steamer, push the button for a shot of espresso, put in a package of raw sugar or tsp of coconut sugar and voila,  my morning happiness.

I've noticed The Tampa Bay area has become a little coffee haven with coffee shops everywhere.  If you’re in need of a good coffee, please pass that Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and go to one of these local places. You won’t regret.

These are some of my favorite coffee shops around town:

Kahwa Coffee (Henderson Ave – South Tampa): First, They have a drive through! {Major points} Second,  I LOVE that they have options for their milk (almond, soy) and that my little toddler gets a free drink with my purchase. Sophia enjoys her free chocolate milk and I enjoy my almond milk latte. Very smooth! X’s and O’s to you Kahwa!

Moreno’s Bakery (Brandon) : They serve Cuban style Café con Leches . They don’t have any other milk options other than 2% cow’s milk. Now if you go here, don’t even get a coffee. Get a friggin’ pastry because they are HEAVEN

La Cubanita (Lithia Pinecrest –Valrico): These peeps used to be my go-to place for Café con leches. At one point I was stopping in about twice a week to get that little bad boy on my way to class at USF. If you want a good Cuban coffee, they've got you covered. Also try their Alex Special sandwich while you’re at it. It wasn't named after me, but we can pretend. 

Buddy Brew Coffee (Kennedy blvd – South Tampa): This is a “don’t judge a book by the cover” type place. The outside is a little unappealing, but once you’re inside you feel like you’re in a big city coffee shop.  Great AMbiance! (I like saying that word!) These little fellas are growing all over the place! You can find their coffee at Whole Foods, Piquant, and Oxford Exchange.

Piquant (Hyde Park Village – South Tampa): This place is a favorite! They always have new seasonal coffee drinks to try and enjoy. They have milk options (almond, soy) which is a plus in my book! I've ordered a regular almond milk latte and a specialty banana bread latte, and both were delicious!  They're seasonal drinks can be a hit or miss though, the PB&J latte was a no-no. 

If you have a case of the Mondays (especially on this rainy one), go hit up a coffee shop on this glorious holiday! If you don't like coffee, then you shall not celebrate with the rest of us. Go drink your tea. (I like tea too...)

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