Tuesday, September 23, 2014

REVIEW: Gratzzi Italian Grille

221 2nd Street, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

This same restaurant used to be at BayWalk (before the complex went down the drain) in downtown St. Petersburg. We went a handful of times many years ago and I remember it being really good Italian food, our favorite being their gnocchi.

Last night we went to their new location (still in downtown St. Petersburg). It has a loud, family atmosphere with an upscale bar/restaurant feel.  It was a Monday and it was PACKED with people! The owner was walking around flirting with everyone and actually cooked one of our meals right in front of us! Our daughter enjoyed it, after she got over her fear of the huge flame. Her face says it all in this picture…

What we ate: The menu has all the Italian classics and grille items. Their bar menu is brought out on an iPad and their wine menu is extensive.

Moscow Mules – ehhhh, by this point you should know how I feel about Moscow Mules. They have to be perfect to get an A from me. My Hubs ordered one and said he wouldn’t order it again. Boo

Chicken Isabella – Grilled chicken topped with goat cheese, prosciutto, and asparagus. Great flavor! I would recommend if you want something other than pasta.

Goat Cheese Baked Ziti – We Ordered it with a vodka sauce. The hubs loaded it with parmesan cheese (like everything else) so I didn’t get a good taste but it was devoured by him and our girls, so I’m guessing it was delicious.

Gnocchi – I had a bite of this dish and it was just as good as I remembered!

Cavatelli Bada Bing – This is the dish that is made table side with the big flame. I didn’t taste any but the entertainment was good...

The complaint box:

Score Card

 On a scale from 1-5 stars (in the restaurant/bar category), Gratzzi gets a 4.5! 
The place was great. Perfect atmosphere for a group of friends/family or just going to the bar to get some drinks. I wouldn't recommend it for a romantic place, as it was kind of loud. I felt bad for the couple in front of us trying to have a conversation…while we're doing these shenanigans at the table..


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