Wednesday, September 10, 2014

REVIEW: Anise Global Gastropub

Anise Global Gastropub777 North Ashley DriveTampa, FL 33602
A relatively new restaurant in downtown (opened beginning of 2013), Anise has a good feeling to it when you walk in. It has a long inviting bar when you walk in, making you think “Ohhh let’s see that bar menu!”  With smaller tables scattered over to the sides and Asian inspired d├ęcor on the walls.

There’s a TV over the bar (for all your football fanatics) so the boys could watch theys foosball.
The menu is kind of all over the place. I was thinking it was all going to be Asian-ish food but then they throw Mac n Cheese and deviled eggs in there. Guess that's where "Global" enters. Whatever, it works!

What we ate:
The menu is tapas/small plate style (hubs is not a fan of these types, but I am!)

Moscow Mules – No Bueno!  I guess I’m a Moscow mule snob or something (because my sister-in-law & hubs make PHENOMENAL Moscow mules) but these were just {insert sour face}. I’ve come to find out that Moscow Mules are very simple drinks to make. They got it all twisted and messed up a good thing. Keep it simple ladies

Deviled Eggs –I’m a fan of deviled eggs and these were good! Served with a tiny piece of bacon on top and daaaaamn.

Baked Goat Cheese – Another hit and great pick for an appetizer! Comes with bread and the bread is like HEAVEN right out of the oven.

Charcuterie & Cheese Plate – This is fancy and even though everything on the plate was good, I’m just not a fan of these things. They give you 1-2 tiny pieces of 4 different cheeses to share between like 6 people. Not happening bro. The guys barely even touched it. They probably didn't want to get death stares from us ladies over taking the single piece of cheese. LOL

Truffled Tator tots – Good, nothing too special. I mean unless tator tots are cold and soggy, they’re good.

Sticky Buns –We ordered the Chinese BBQ Port and Fried Zucchini buns. These little steamed buns are delicious. Bravo Anise

Lobster Mac & Cheese – ehhh. The hubs is a huge Mac & Cheese person and he had like 2 bites. Not impressed.

The complaint box:
I don’t really have any complaints…other than the Moscow mule being a bust, everything was good and I enjoyed my time eating here.

Score Card

 On a scale from 1-5 stars (in the restaurant/bar category), Anise gets a 4.5! Good for you Anise! Hope you stick around!


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