Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moon Sand (DIY)

So I was roaming through Joann's the other day and since Joann's has the worlds smallest carts (WHY?! Home Goods too!), Sophia had the privilege of walking around the store with me while Nelpe sat in the cart. This is always one of those "bad ideas" that you always repeat because there's really no other option in life. 
We got to the Moon Sand display and Sophia was hooked. After telling her no multiple times, I switched to survival mode,and said "yeah yeah whatever, just put it in the cart". When she wasn't looking and already onto some other display, I took it back out of the cart. 
Fast forward 4 hours later at home and Sophia asked to play with her sand. WELLLLL It just so happens that I made my own "moon sand" MONTHS ago for Sophia to play with and it had been sitting in the container in the garage untouched. The husband had actually asked to toss it in the garbage several times. 
This sand is probably a lot messier than the store bought "Kinetic Sand" so keep it outside! 
What you'll need:
5 cups Extra Fine Play Sand (found at Home Depot)
2 ½ Cups cornstarch
1 cup baby oil
Food coloring (optional)

I put all the above into a clear plastic storage container and mixed together.  You can add desired food coloring to the water (I did not) and gradually add water until you have the desired consistency. Mix well. Cover and store in an airtight container.


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