Thursday, September 4, 2014

REVIEW: EATS! American Grill

This is a fairly new restaurant in town (opened within the past month or 2). We decided to give it a try last Friday. It is a sports bar type restaurant with TVs and sport paraphernalia decorating the walls, and a bunch of beers on tap. 

I heard two things before we went:
"You Gotta have their Rib & Mac sandwich" and "It’s an overpriced burger place."

What we ate:
Key West Style Moscow Mules –this was a “sp
ecial” so I don’t know if they serve them all the time, but it wouldn't hurt to ask because THESE WERE GOOOOD! 

Fried Pickles – let’s be clear, if there’s fried pickles on the menu, you best believe I’m ordering them. It’s just the right thing to do. You can’t really go wrong with fried pickles so obvi these were fried goodness.

Rib & Mac Sandwich – Pulled pork topped with macaroni & cheese in between texas toast. This was OK. I didn't think it was spectacular or anything. It was actually a little dry.

The V Jack Burger - pulled pork sandwiched between two small burger patties, topped with cheese & bacon…On a hamburger bun.

The complaint box:
 I’m not one to make complaints…BUT what would a restaurant review be like without them?

I     - I think the pulled pork was sort of dry. I didn't eat the bread of the sandwich so I can only imagine the dryness if I did. The hubs told me to just douse it with ranch. He’d eat cardboard with ranch…

-The service was slow. I know this can be part of being a ne
w restaurant and still trying to iron out some kinks, but it was slow and took forever to get water cups filled.

Score Card
 On a scale from 1-5 stars (in the sports bar category), EATS! gets a 3.5

All in all, the food was OK, but absolutely nothing healthy about it. Sometimes you just have those kind of dinners…It’s good for the soul, right? They have this special sauce (kind of like ranch) that is real good and my husband dipped absolutely everything in.
This is a great place to go watch sports with a group of friends. 

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