Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10 Different Way to Decorate a Pumpkin

When I was a kid, I remember carving being the only way to "decorate" pumpkins.
Now there are so many different ways to decorate or carve a pumpkin it's berserk!

Pinterest, has failed us again. We no longer get away with buying one pumpkin to carve. We have to buy one to paint, one to stick stickers on, one to wrap up like a mummy, one to melt crayons on, one to pour glitter on, one to wrap in lace, one to write "Happy Fall or Happy Halloween!" on, one to glue buttons on, and last but not to simply carve.

Here are my favorite ways to dress up our beloved pumpkins!

1. The Glitter Pumpkins

Photo Source

2. The Painted Pumpkins

3. The Mummy Pumpkin

4. The Monogrammed Pumpkins

5. The Character Pumpkins

6. The Crayon Drip Pumpkins 

7. The Sports Themed Pumpkins 
Go Buckeyes! ;)

8. The Black and White Pumpkins

9. The Food Pumpkins

10. The Carved Pumpkins!!

Some of these took some serious talent!! Bravo to people who can pull some of these off, it's definitely no easy task!! I'm more of a "give the kids some paint and let them have at it" or just simply carve a jack-o-lantern face in the pumpkin. But I love to "Ooo and Ahh" over all these amazing pumpkin creations!!


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